Le Villard, Meribel Les Allues

The Meribel valley is home to a score of villages and hamlets, collectively known as Meribel, and grouped in to 5 neighbourhoods – Meribel-Les Allues (1100m), Meribel-Village (1400m), Meribel-Centre (1500m), Meribel-Les Hauts (1600m) and Meribel-Mottaret (1700m).

Le Villard (1200m) sits above Les Allues on a sunny balcony, with its pastures and meadows overlooking the Bozel valley.

Considered to have the finest views in the Valley, it lies on the edge of the Foret des Allues, a rich and diverse mountain forest maintained by the National Forests Office.

The village is hundreds of years old, with its chapel dating to 1645.  It is rich with farming history and one of the village’s 4 fresh water sources is located immediately in front of the chalet. The town’s ancient bread-oven, stoked-up once a month in olden times is also right next to the chalet.

The village is now one of the choice areas to live for those who work in the valley, and its properties have long been reserved only for “those in the know”

Tranquil location
On call driver
Parking included
Panoramic views
Great location in the 3 Valleys
Accessible from numerous airports

Meribel & the 3 Valleys Ski Area

The 3 valleys is the world’s largest ski area. Comprising of eight interlinking ski resorts and a score of towns, villages and hamlets, groomed pistes cover 600km of trails amongst an abundance of off-piste skiing from low and mid-altitude forest to high alpine glaciers.

183 ski-lifts transport 260000 skiers per hour across the signature-resorts of Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens, leading the world in snow-sure winter sport.

Meribel lies at the heart of the 3 Valleys. The architecture reflects its history: an economy  once based around dairy farming and fruit growing, the lower part of valley is full of villages perching in sunny pastures, many with their communal bread ovens, chapels and water troughs carefully preserved. For centuries, shepherds moved their flocks higher and higher as winter melted away in spring and early summer.

When skiing started in the 1930s, however, the high altitude and north facing slopes transformed the pastures’ uses. Where sheep graze in summer, millions of skiers now pound the pistes, many of which follow the contours carved out by centuries of farming.

Care has been taken to see that new buildings remain true to the valley’s history: stone buildings, clad with local wood and slate roofs, making Meribel one of the few French ski-resorts to retain all of its historic allure.

Come to enjoy  Meribel – at the heart of the 3 Valleys and where innovative winter sport meets tradition and heritage.

3 Valleys Piste Map

The 3 Valleys is the largest ski area in the world boasting 600km of world class slopes. With a private transfer to and from the ski lifts and ski passes and material organised in advance by our team, you can relax and make the most of the fresh alpine snow.


Drive to Moutiers (postcode 73181). When entering Moutiers, follow signs for Meribel. After aprox. 10 km  you will reach Les Allues. Stay on the main road, you will see the church and cemetery on your right. Enter the town at the main junction, marked Chef Lieu and Le Villard. Drive past the town hall on your right and  take the left fork at the only junction 200m beyond the town hall. Continue 100m. Small chapel “St Joseph” on your right. “Le Villard” is marked on a road taking you up the mountain to your left. Drive all the way up the windy road, aprox. 1km. Drive to the end of town. You will reach a junction, take the right fork and continue till the end. The last chalet in the Village is Chalet Iona. Click below to view on Google maps.

Chalet Iona

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